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DC Comics Geeks Nation made up of the multiverse’s greatest DC Fans. follow on twitter @DCComicsGeeks. Listen to us on Mondays for MULTIVERSITY 101 and for the review of DC and all other segments.

Podcast BreakDown

Heres the breakdown of the podcast. You see it's simply and any DC nerd or any Nerd of the multiverse can understand it.

  •  DC Discussion -

The Hosts of DCGN come together to discuss DC related content 

  • [Multiversity 101] *Sam E-6

Multiversity101 is a segment that YOU the listeners of the Podcast can decide on which Earth you would like to learn about. The Multiverse is HUGE but only 1 per week will be discussed and revealed. Meaning unkown history,  residents[heroes/villains/vigilante], and hear about a comic that represents that Earth that you have chosen

  • Hall Of Legends * Jay E-22 :

The greatest DC comics characters? lets create our own DCGN legendary hall and induct the most heroic and most villainy of the DCU

  • FlashCast: *Brian e-16

The Flash (cw & comic) review

  • Kalio Talks DC

*Kalio E-1- a general discussion & movie review



How do I submit my vote? How do I get involved? 

Follow us on Twitte; @DCcomicsGeeks

Once you have followed the account. tweet your name and which Earth from the Multiverse that you are from and you could possibly be shouted out on the podcast. [*must subscribe* it costs $0] 



The Crew comes together and review the world of DC in many different categories. What are our Categories? Comics, TV, Movie, and more 




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