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The DCGN League

The podcast_image_CBB2B325-63CF-4348-A79C-77957AC6487E.jpgLeague is truly made up of people from The Multiverse. So get to know the Crew!


Jay "James" [Host of Multiverse Monday,  Earth2crew Fridays]

•Origin- Earth-2


Hey My Name is James. But you can call me Jay from Earth-2. You see I'm a DC fan now. But I still have my love for MARVEL. Always and forever. For years I've been a fan of 1 hero and 1 hero only and that person is The Flash. Over the years I've been following behind his story line and eventually discovered the DC Multiverse. You see on Earth-2 there are plenty of people who aren't interested in contacting with alternate worlds especially after "Worlds End" but with help from people throughout the Multiverse I've found 2 people that will help me uncover the existence of the Multuverse and how many Earths there are. I am the mind behind the Poscast. And I just wanted to say I'm happy to see that there are people out there listening to my broadcast from Earth-2. 


Brian [ Host of DCTV segment]

•Origin- Earth-16


My name is Brian's Comics #1, and I am a podcaster and Flash fan from Earth-16. I have always been a comic book and science fiction junkie. Superman was the first hero I have idolized and then came Batman, the Green Ranger, The Flash, and Han Solo; basically all have become influential in my life. When I'm not talking about the Flash or the multiverse, I am usually writing, reading an interesting book, or doing fun things like hiking or trying different kind of foods. I fry to be an all around well rounded guy! Lolz!


Sam Multiversity101- Host]


•Origin- Earth-6



Growing up on Earth 6, I’d always been fascinated by superheroes! The flashy powers, the cool costumes, the grand fights, the dilemmas between what was right and wrong, I loved it all. But, along with my love, I was always fascinated by the concept of dark doppelgängers and clones. Seeing people who were essentially everything the hero was, but reflected back at them was something I always loved to see. But that fascination grew, till I started seeing variances on the whole concept, and that’s when I discovered the Multiverse. Just... the whole idea made me salivate. Entire UNIVERSES made that reflected my own in so many different ways. On top of this, almost each universe was filled with different versions of the people and heroes I knew; not clones, not duplicates, but the same people leading different lives. Immediately, my curiosity was peeked! How are each of these worlds different? How are they similar? What common threads tie them together? What made these worlds what they are? Was it a simple decision that changed everything, was it several, or are they just inherently different? The possibilities were literally INFINITE! I had to know more! I NEEDED to know more! So I studied the Multiverse; its heroes, its villains, their stories, what led them down their paths, where the center of the Multiverse was, and I even learned of worlds that, for one reason or another, were not a part of the Multiverse I knew. While I didn’t everything about the Multiverse (still don’t), I shared the knowledge I acquired with whoever I could, till one day, while discussing the existence of the Dark Multiverse, I was contacted by a man from another Earth named Jay, and well, the rest is history.

• Kalio- [KalioTalksDC] 

•Origin- Earth-1 

- Bio #ReleaseTheSnydercut member 



....And we are the DCComics Geeks Nation

AKA The League 

A Justice League Of Our Own



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