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DC Comics Geeks Nation made up of the multiverse’s greatest DC Fans. follow on twitter @DCComicsGeeks. Listen to us on Mondays for MULTIVERSITY 101 and for the review of DC and all other segments.


June 10, 2020

Episode 27

We are back once again to talk about DCComics! Segment 1 [Multiversity 101- Earth of the week]*Approx. 1hr. Segment 2 [KalioTalksDC- Snydercut is it finished?] Approx 1 Hr. Segment 3 [Hall of legends] Approx 15 min. Be sure to follow and Subscribe!

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June 9, 2020

DCGN DC Discussion

Host Sam Earth-6 Discuss: Favorite DC Animated Films. (co host - Jay Earth-22 & Brian Earth-16) 1Hour long conversation on our favorite DC Animated Films and why? We will now be doing DC Discussion separately from regular episodes. (once per month) Download and Subscribe to our Podcast and be sure leave a review on iTunes

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May 13, 2020

Episode 26

This Week's episode consists: Multiversity 101- Earth-2 [Host] Sam Earth-6. Flashcast- Season 6 Events [Host] Brian Earth-16. KalioTalksDC - Snydercut: is it finished? [Host] Kalio Earth-1

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April 29, 2020

Episode 25

Multiversity 101- Host Sam Earth-6. This Week Mr Multiversity has selected another Earth from the Multiverse; Earth-A / Flashcast: So Long Good Night Review Host BRIAN Earth-16 / KalioTalksDC : Snydercut Discussion ft Jay kilmonger Earth-22. download and subscribe now! to be a guest email at DCCOMICSGEEKSNATION@GMAIL.COM. leave your name and origin of Earth. (Multiverse) be safe during this coronavirus pandemic and as always; it's the DCComics Geeks Nation Podcast !

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April 20, 2020

Episode 24

This week Host Sam Earth 6 leads a Discussion Topic concerning "CROSSOVERS" Along with Co Hosts- Brian Earth-16 and Kalio Earth-1. Multiversity101- Mr. Multiversity reveals this weeks Earth of the week. (Chosen by listeners and followers of DCGN) listen and subscribe now!

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April 7, 2020

Episode 23

It’s another week on Coronavirus Lockdown but we are still here to review the world of DC in many different categories. This week we only have (2) segments. *DC Discussion: Lighter vs Darker Adaptations *Multiversity 101: Earth-30 Red Son Superman.

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April 2, 2020

Episode 22

Another week in Coronavirus Lockdown but the show must go on! All 4 Hosts of DCGN come together to discuss Secret Crisis! An event between Marvel and DCComics! Also we have Mr Myltiversity and his weekly Earth of the Week! Multiversity101- infinite crisis / DCDiscussion- Secret Crisis/ Kalio Talks DC- The End of DCAU.

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March 23, 2020

Episode 21

Starting off another set of Episodes with New Guests, New Members and DCComics: 1st Segment: Multiversity 101 [Host Sam Earth-6] Justice league 3000

2nd Segment: Hall Of Legends [Host Jay Earth-22] Johnny Quick Earth-3

3rd Segment: Flashcast [Host Brian Earth-16] Death of the Speedforce review & discussing Corona Virus

4th Segment: DC Talk [Kalio Earth-1]

5th Segment: DC Discussion : Batman Meets Godzilla [Guest: Eric From Earth-66] *Multiversity101- 01:43-54:42* Hall of legends- 54:58-01:06:22 FlashCast: 01:06:24-01:28:10 DC Talk- 01:29:00-02:17:48 Dc discussion- 02:17:50-02:47:00

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March 8, 2020


Multiversity101: FlashPoint / Hall Of Legends: Host Tonic Earth-33 / PFE22: Guest Eric Earth-17 / Flashcast: Grodd friended me review

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February 29, 2020

Episode 19

*DC Discussion - Dan Didio / future of DC Comics / Marvel vs DC) (Host- Sam Earth-6/ Guests: Jay Kilmonger Earth-22, Tonic Earth-31, Kalio Earth-1)

*Multiversity101 - Earth-33 Pre-Flashpoint (Host Sam Earth-6)

*FlashCast- Host Brian Earth-16 * A girl named sue

*Hall Of Legends- DCGN Inductee Ted Kord- Host Jay Kilmonger Eath-22

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